Romero Vallejo interview – RUFF POUF collection designers

RUFF POUF by Romero Vallejo RUFF POUF by Romero Vallejo

The design partnership Romero Vallejo is formed by Sara Romero Bustamante and Mariano Vallejo López-Aguado. Both are qualified architects having completed their studies at the School of Architecture in Barcelona and Valladolid. After having worked for various prestigious architectural practices they founded their own design studio in 2004, Romero Vallejo, marked by a multidisciplinary approach to design which includes architecture and industrial design explored through both large and small scale projects.


Sara Romero and Mariano Vallejo
Sara Romero and Mariano Vallejo


Their work is characterised by an interest in traditional craft and manufacturing techniques which they have adapted to reflect the possibilities of modern technology and lifestyles. They have collaborated with a number of high profile companies working in a wide range of sectors such as ceramics, glass, general upholstery, metalwork, woodwork and furniture, amongst many others.



Among these collaborations is included DOCKS a modular sofa and outdoor furniture system designed for GANDIABLASCO. The collection is inspired by the standardised versatility of the humble pallet. Their most recent design RUFF POUF, a furniture accessory which can be used as a side table or for seating, was commissioned by GAN, GANDIABLASCO’s indoor brand, as part of their 2016 indoor rug and accessories collection.



How did you get the idea of this collection?

We were looking for a textile element that could be manipulated along simple abstract geometrical lines. A piece that would bring warmth to the surrounding architecture and work on its own as well as within a setting.

An element that could be used for seating, to lean against or simply as a decorative feature.
Where does your inspiration come from?

The RUFF POUF with its rounded form and folded pleats was inspired by the geometry of the rigid collars of stiff lace that were used in western Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries: the Ruff.


What is the particularity of the design? ( technique, colours, material… )

Stiff felt layers are folded around a central heart featuring different colours that like flower petals make up the RUFF POUF.


How did your collaboration with GAN started?

GAN is nowadays the indoor brand belonging to GANDIABLASCO. During the 2014 Milan Design Fair the GANDIABLASCO presented the DOCKS the modular furniture collection amongst its recent products, a Romero Vallejo design. From that time on our relationship grew steadily, the proof is this new most recent project.