RAW | Fusion between modernity and tradition

The RAW collection designed by Borja García is a declaration of honesty and authenticity in design, even its name is synonymous with purity and strength. “Natural materials have always interested me, their pure state, almost untouched,” outlines the designer.

Natural materials constitute a blank canvas on which different designs are traced, framing each element of the collection that includes carpets, poufs and cushions, within a playful context that simultaneously expresses two ideas.

The designer takes inspiration from the traditional architecture of the Mediterranean. “The houses designed by Coderch, Bonet and Spain of the 1960s have left us with a palette of raw materials and elemental solutions that are highly seductive. This cocktail is presented through RAW, either directly or indirectly through its materiality and geometry,” explains Borja García.

A design that recovers traditional techniques and brings them into a contemporary context.A smooth layer of wool is laid over the jute base, combining two seemingly discordant languages but which work here in harmony. The clean lines of the permeable geometry of this secondary overlay lend the classical material a contemporary and modern expression.

With the GAN stamp of quality, the indoor brand belonging to GANDIABLASCO the RAW collection reinforces the link between product and the brands in-house design.