GANDIABLASCO at Madrid Architecture Week

GANDIABLASCO at Madrid Architecture Week [:es]GANDIABLASCO en la Semana de la Arquitectura de Madrid[:en]GANDIABLASCO at Madrid Architecture Week[:]

What’s inside the inflatable architecture?

The GANDIABLASCO team in collaboration with INCM Madrid of ETSAM (Superior Technical School of Architecture of Madrid) has created the display spaces for outdoor and indoor furniture for this attractive inflatable project which will host the RetroActive event that takes place during the Madrid Architecture Week between October 1st and 13th this year, in colaboration with COAM, Madrid College of Architects.

The 26th edition of INCM Madrid 2016 “International National Contact Meeting” de EASA Denmark “European Architecture Students Assembly” has been around for 35 years now and for this edition Madrid is the selected city where the various interventions will be celebrated.

The official presentation of INCM Madrid has taken place at the cultural space, citizen participation laboratoryMedialab-Prado, Madrid.

INCM Madrid 2016 welcomes more than 200 students of Architecture from all around Europe over the 10 days that the Madrid Architecture Week will be going on for offering participants talks, debates and cultural activities en relation to the RetroActive theme.

One of the four chosen venues where the RetroActive is being held is the space created by ETSAM (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura) next to the GANDIABLASCO outdoor furniture spaces area, specifically for the CHILL collection, designed by José Gandía-Blasco, and other products from the indoor brand, GAN, like the iconic Mangas Space collection, designed by the multi-faceted Patricia Urquiola.


The inflatable space accommodates meeting rooms, public ceremonies and in its own way becomes part of the regenerative route that highlights the city’s architectural legacy for guests visiting from Europe for INCM Madrid. The other parts of the route happen “in places of the Spanish capital city that were abandoned and have been reactivated through the architectural intervention and its links with the citizens.”

RETROACTIVE | We chose Madrid because it’s a city in transition, not only politically and socially but also architecturally. The latest architectural interventions that are generating most social impact are the refurbishment projects of old buildings with different uses to their original programmes. We wanted to communicate this focus on renovation and Madrid based social ambition through the concept for our “Retroactive” event. The event looks at the need to understand our past with a retrospective view in order to shape our future in a conscious manner. It’s about acknowledging a chequered past with the great changes that are going on today, this return of the historical abandoned buildings to more active contemporary uses and motors of social change and an increasingly active future.”

ETSAM///Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura///C/AV de Juan Herrera