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And so begins a story written in space, a journey, an odyssey across the Mediterranean. From the deep blue sea, symbol of Western civilization, through the contemplation of its landscapes we surrender ourselves to it.

This is as true today as it was during the 8th Century B.C. when Odysseus embarked on his ten year voyage through the islands of the Mediterranean, recorded by Homer in his epic poem the Odyssey.

Those places are music, the beating heart, wings, a need to return … Outdoor Spaces by GANDIABLASCO came about through this passion.

GANDIABLASCO invites you to discover the 2016 Outdoor Spaces Catalogue, through a large range of outdoor products that brings indoor furniture outside, featuring unique pieces such as the new DAYBED with fixed blade, CHILL bed, CRISTAL BOX or the MODULE collection.

Collections inspired by contemporary architecture that occupy the territory between architecture and landscape: a place that in neither inside nor outside, occupying an intermediate territory. As the beach is to the sea and the land, as the threshold is to the interior and the exterior, this collection is ambiguous by nature, located in this nebulous terrain of possibilities and imagination.

An expression of beauty, refined and structural, the meeting between design and engineering, a moment in time, alone or in the company of friends. A place from which to contemplate the outdoor space that surrounds us.

Odysseus persevered and ultimately ended his voyage, each chapter a charged observation of the human spirit pitted against the natural and the supernatural world, a universal journey that is still travelled to this very day.