EASD Valencia’s students visited the Gandia Blasco company.

We like keeping in touch with new generations of students. We believe that thinking about the future of design is one of the commitments that any company dedicated to it must have. For years we have been collaborating with universities and students through workshops, talks, guided visits to our facilities…

This has been the attitude of the Gandia Blasco Group since José A. Gandia-Blasco joined his father’s company in the 1980s and felt the need to work together with the new generation of designers that emerged in the post-Franco Spain, a group called La Nave.

Together with them he developed the flagship black cat logo of the company, and many other collections. José’s vision to discover new talents has been alive for more than 20 years. His strongest bet has been the launch of the new Gandia Blasco Group brand, DIABLA. Fresh, informal designs designed for small spaces and nomadic life, online sales… DIABLA accommodates emerging talent.

We recently welcomed the design students from EASD University of Valencia at La Casa GANDIABLASCO. The visit lasted all morning. The students were attracted by the history of the company and its turnaround, from its textile origins to contemporary design, thanks to the audacious attitude of José A. Gandía-Blasco, who after redefining the creative strategy with his team, managed by Sergio Pastor, led the company to export to over 90 countries and made it, through its products and imagery, into an icon of Mediterranean lifestyle.

After visiting the showroom at the original 1940s factory, the students visited La Casa GANDIABLASCO, the home of the family and the team where the ideas that give life to this common project get started. The architectural project was designed by José A. Gandia-Blasco and Valencian architect Borja García. A sliding door separates the factory from the house, furnished with custom pieces designed by the owner. The patio, the agora or meeting place is where friends, coworkers and guests gather to enjoy outdoor life, GANDIABLASCO-style. The visit ended at Bocairent’s production halls, where designs come to life after several processes of extrusion, welding, assembly and machining.

The EASD students were encouraged to participate in the GANDIABLASCO International Outdoor Furniture Competition, which celebrates its 13th edition this year and is our most fervent commitment to spreading emerging talent from around the world.

Until next time!