DICKSON, the outdoor rug

At GANDIABLASCO we are passionate about life in the outdoors. True to our origins founded on textiles and 75 years of history, we are opening our doors to bring out our first collection of outdoor carpets.

Fabrics using highly resistant fibres, the DICKSON outdoor rugs compliment each and every one of our collections in order to create contemporary outdoor spaces which can be coordinated in harmony. Relax and walk barefoot over a comfortable and warm flooring finish in an ambience in true GANDIABLASCO style.

The carpets, manufactured from vinyl, combine durability and resistance featuring this material with the traditional texture of fabrics used for edgings, that can be customised to suit the colour and size that best reflects each individual’s requirements.

The perfect accessory to create a contemporary atmosphere in residential, hotel and restaurant projects as well as the most demanding contract jobs. Convert your outdoors into an elegant space that features the comforts of the indoors. We invite you to live our outdoor spaces in a new and different way.