Dom Pérignon Island

Dom Perignon Island

The search for essential elegance leads GANDIABLASCO to collaborate on creative projects that understand contemporary beauty from a shared perspective. Luxury brands such as Dom Pérignon, for instance, fully confide in the quality of the GANDIABLASCO outdoor furniture collections for their unique creative experiences in the great outdoors. Just this last winter they created an ephemeral space THE LODGE in Baqueira using the outdoor furniture collections NA XEMENA and LLAR, and this June they brought new life to the Dom Perignon Island, located on the island of Sa Ferradura to the north of Ibiza. The ultimate experience Dom Perignon took place between the 16th and 20th of June and featured the extraordinary gastronomic offering of the 5 Michelin star chef Quique Dacosta paired with the most exquisite champagne within a stunning natural setting that was equipped with the GANDIABLASCO FLAT and STACK chaise-longue pieces.
Ricardo Ferrari, brand manager of the French firm, tells us about the affinity between Dom Pérignon and GANDIABLASCO in the following interview.

We’re stunned by The Ultimate Experience Dom Pérignon in Ibiza. Where do you get the need to create these incredible experiences lasting several days? Why on the island of Sa Ferradura?

The need to create unforgettable, temporary experiences is the very essence of a bottle of Dom Pérignon. When the monk Dom Pierre Pérignon called his colleagues and invited them to “drink the stars” it was a way of sharing unique, unrepeatable moments that would never be repeated or happen again but would always remain in our memories.
The island of Sa Ferradura is a unique place, an island “within” the island, a magical, exclusive place that thanks to Dom Pérignon will be opening its doors to a wide range of people who know how to appreciate the beauty of things.

On this occasion you’ve chosen us once more, as you did with The Lodge Dom Pérignon, and we really identify with the elegance and exclusiveness of your brand. Can you tell us why you’ve opted for us again?

We think that what unites us is the passion for detail, for things done well, for elegance and exclusiveness without being “showy” or ostentatious. When you’re surrounded by lovely things, you have a much greater appreciation of the moment when you drink a glass of Dom Pérignon and eat a gourmet menu prepared by the best chefs in the world.

The natural setting of Sa Ferradura is absolutely beautiful, and the interior design you’ve created for the spaces where it will all be happening is exquisite. Which brands have you used? And who is the interior designer? Or did you do it yourselves?

We wanted to make as little impact as possible on both the island and its natural environment and on the interior design of the villa. Our intervention is going to be as non-invasive as possible and will only be affecting the outside of the villa. The only brand we’ll be working with will be GANDIABLASCO.

You always pair your experiences with the finest gourmet food, so which chefs can we expect to see on Dom Pérignon island?

The chef on Dom Pérignon island will be our loyal friend, Quique Dacosta, who has put this menu together especially for us, based on the memory of his recent trip to Maison Dom Pérignon in France and using special ingredients sourced in Ibiza.

This is sure to be an unforgettable experience to thrill the senses. Could you give us some idea of the surprises you’ve got up your sleeve for the guests?

A travelling meal taking in various locations on the island. An elegant playlist by a unique DJ, a unique setting, all to be enjoyed by the people we love the most.

What other surprises does Dom Pérignon have in store for the future?

Other unique, unforgettable moments, the height of pleasure.

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