DIABLA is the new brand of GANDIABLASCO

With the maturity and proven track record of 75 years under our belt at GANDIABLASCO, we have decided to launch a new challenge, DIABLA:

Came from the constant relationship with emerging designers through workshops, design fairs, the International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest that we organise every year, the hundreds of proposals received… we want to allow for emerging talent.

DIABLA is not only a new outdoor furniture brand, but an entirely new approach to enjoying the outdoors.

At DIABLA we are lovers of al fresco living. That doesn’t only mean a new chair or a new table, but rethinking how to enjoy the outdoor life.

We play with air, water, wind and sunshine, so you can permit yourself the luxury of being free, of letting your personality shine through, of living unrestrained by fashion and trends, of being authentic, creative, happy and inspiring.

We will embark on this journey under the steady direction of the architect and designer Sara Romero, founding partner of the Romero Vallejo studio and longtime collaborator. She has been chosen to head DIABLA and has said that DIABLA is what GANDIABLASCO has been looking for all its life.

Do you want to climb aboard?