Intercrea and Diabla together in the design of new products for the outdoor.

The new brand launched by Gandía Blasco S.A. joins forces with Intercrea, the programme conceived by Jaume I University of Castellón, in the design of new products sold online for enjoying the outdoors in style.

The shift that GANDIABLASCO introduced during the 90s by putting a greater emphasis on design was made possible thanks to making contact with designers, architects and professionals from the world of culture, amongst which were included students and emerging design talents. Since then GANDIABLASCO has continued forging these contacts through its Outdoor Design contest that is organised yearly, workshops with Spanish universities and international universities and collaborations with cultural bodies such as the Matadero Madrid, the Taschen publishing house, Sotheby’s, and the Valencia based IVAM. In additional since 2015 the company is part of the Circulo Fortuny, a non profit organisation founded for the purposes of bringing together, in the same forum, Spanish brands working in the cultural sector and prestigious creatives promoting these brands.

We strongly believe that this attitude helps refresh our company’s creative strategy and that is why this year we have launched our new outdoor brand Diabla, with new products available for sale
online designed by emerging talents from around the world.

That is the new brand of Gandia Blasco S.A.
Diabla supports divergent thinking and that is why it backs experimental projects by new emerging talents, we’re curious by nature! We collaborate with creatives and design universities from all around the world. On this occasion students from the Castellón University have designed their Diabla products, coming up with an entire universe for the enjoyment of the outdoors.

After several months of arduous work Diabla developed the designs of Intercera students together with teachers Vicent Claussell and Julia Galán, proposals that you can find in the NUDE section of the Feria Hábitat Valencia. Here below we explain more:

“Intercera is a project that aims to establish different contacts from the Jaume I University and entities connected with design in order to cooperate and establish creative synergies between them. The theme proposed by Diabla this year is the enjoyment of the great outdoors through furniture and objects that can be easily transported and that also can be sold over the world wide web given that this represents one of the founding principles of the new brand in terms of distribution, explaining why these products have been developed according to those characteristics.”

Vicent Clausell, Jaime I University Lecturer, Designer and Founder of the Claussell Studio.

“From the standpoint of design taking part in this project is very important because it provides greater visibility for students through workshops coming into direct contact with prestigious companies, in this case Gandia Blasco. The high standards and professionalism will serve them well during their training and prepare them for working life.”

Julia Galán, Lecturer in Design at the Jaume I University and Coordinator of the NUDE project Valencia.

“We think that the fact that students can present final projects at design fairs to make their work better known outside of the academic environment is highly relevant.”

Raúl Izquierdo, Vice-director of Engineering and Industrial Design and Product Development at the Jaume I University.

See the Intercera projects for Diabla for yourselves at the NUDE zone of the Feria Hábitat Valencia!

Feria Hábitat Valencia
18 -21 September
NUDE zone stand 18

Inaugural cocktail
Thursday September 20th at 2 pm
NUDE zone stand 18