D-Hotel Maris | CONTRACT


“In only a few years, GANDIABLASCO he has overturned the
branch in a well-aimed and reformist way of understanding this
space in which architecture unfolds and expands into the open air.
Landscapes furnished and lighted from a rigorous, essential view,
festive, refreshing, and new at the same time.” 80 countries 5 continents.
Soledad Lorenzo

We invited you to this travel through the Mediterranean until this Turkey’s sunny retreat washed by the Aegean sea that lyes on the isolated southern coast of the island.

We way out the labyrinth of the Minotaur to found, one of our last GANDIABLASCO Contract Projects, our Outdoor Space for D-Hotel Maris: “an appealing resort stands in a unblemished nature reserve enveloped by jagged mounds of volcanic rock and hillsides lush inhabited by almond olive trees inside the undeveloped Datca Peninsula.

An opportunity to scape from the stress of everyday life, to practice water sports in 5 natural beaches, such as paddleboarding, waterskiing or kayaking; to taste the mediterranean, japonese, turkish flavour…in several restaurants; to enjoy life music in the beach club…

Cradle of civilizations, where the Mythology enhances human life and Aegean sea and the Mediterranean meets…an oasis of natural treasures and legendary stories of mythical pasts:

Orhaniye, “with its huge sand bar where man really can “walk on wáter”, its beautiful old stone houses, the castle used by Knights of Rhodes and the pirate’s island floating in the middle of the bay.”

2 kilometers to the ancestral Acropolis, in the mountain, resides the village of Bayir, and its ancient plane tree, 2300-2500 years old.

Hisarönü is just 13 km from D-Hotel Maris, “a lovely village which nestles at the foot of the mountains and spreads out towards the coast, founded at the time of Sultan Süleyman’s.

Içmeler, “This pine forested heaven is infused of the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas atmosphere and is the backdrop of the magnificent Taurus Mountains.”.
This olive and honey farming community is home to the best plant for producing oxygen in the world, that by the beach and its pristine forests has been given the Blue Flag eco-award.

You can find near D-Maris, Akyaka & Gokova, a natural treasure in the southwest región of Turkey where multitude of species lives together and the natural beauty of Akyaka, inhabited by different types of water birds, flamingos, herons, pelicans…

The temple of Aphrodite lies in the amazing historical ancient settlement of Knidos, while the Temple of Apollon is on the highest point where you can experience its stunning changing seasons and the sundial that shows the time in moments.

And the Muses? “Knidos was a highly developed city in terms of science, architecture and art in ancient times: an odeum, the agora, the theatre, the temple of Dionysus, but also the temple of the Muses…the most renowned statue by the sculptor Praxiteles, the Aphrodite of Knidos, was created for this memorable city.”

A stuning experience through bays, coves, fabled stones, heritage, natural havens, mythology…an encounter with the authentic Mediterranean antipodes.

We invite you to visit some of the most special places through the GANDIABLASCO Contract Projects.