Damian Ortega. Cosmic Thing Damian Ortega. Cosmic Thing
“Damian Ortega. COSMIC THING”

We choose art to express this monday changes,choices at GANDIABLASCO…

Regional culture, mass consumer items, and the present characteristics are the edges of Damian Ortega’s work. He subverts the use of everyday objects disrupting their meaning, transforming it into sculptures through the derridian deconstruction pushed to the limit. Using simple or recycled materials, building structures to talk about the relation between matter and form, action and thought, without forgetting irony.


“Damian Ortega, Casino.

From 11th to 18th november at Hangar Bicocca, Milan.

We recommend this exhibition curated by Vicente Todolí, who was part of the Jury of the last 8th GANDIABLASCO International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest.

10th International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest GANDIABLASCO coming soon.

Students, creatives, design and art lovers, industry professionals or not, with less than 35 years old, are invited to participate.

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