An Odyssey – Back to the islands – Chapter III

SALER SOFT by José Gandía-Blasco SALER SOFT by José Gandía-Blasco

“Isn’t the Odyssey perhaps the myth of all travel? Maybe for Homer’s Ulysses the distinction between truth and invention does not exist. He recounts the same experience in the language of something that has been experienced, in the language of myth, in the same way as all our travels, small or large, are always an Odyssey.” Italo Calvino.

The new GANDIABLASCO 2017 catalogue continues its return journey to the roots of its inspiration, the blue Mediterranean as a point of departure and arrival, under the literary and Homeric horizon of travel.

In this the third chapter title “The Grand Tour arrives at Arcadia” we are still within the Balearic islands which inspired the very first outdoor collection produced by gandiablasco, contemplating the horizon in its search for new adventures and learnings. The images that capture the magic of this sea of journeys that is the Mediterranean is accompanied by some lyrical texts written by Merche Medina and Jose Ramón Alarcón.

Among the new products for 2017 are included highlights like the SALER SOFT collection which builds on the iconic SALER designed back in 2008 by José A. Gandía-Blasco and is now even more comfortable and with a new Teak finish. The architectonic and timeless BLAU by Fran Silvestre. And the outdoor DNA collection designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco, that is now expanded to include stools, bar tables and plant holders.

‘An Odyssey’ represents the return home after a long journey, the return to the origins of the brand, to the pure design essence and passion for living the outdoor life which is the DNA of GANDIABLASCO.

The voyage continues ….