Brown and black, the outdoor classics of GANDIABLASCO

A total of six collections mix the color tones of GANDIABLASCO and offer the opportunity to customize spaces with the warmest combinations.

In GANDIABLASCO has a chromatic variety of up to 19 different shades and textures for its line of outdoor furniture. The aim? to offer you multiple customization options to furnish outdoor spaces out of the conventional.

Among all its shades, the warm sand and bronze tones stand out, colors that are present in the most intimate surroundings and now also to be enjoyed in open-air spaces. In GANDIABLASCO enhances these colors with the inclusion of browns and blacks, elegant and timeless colors that customize the terraces, gardens, or larger contract spaces, and which the firm proposes to combine with pink or wine-colored tones.

The following are our GANDIABLASCO’s proposals of earthy colours:

STACK, designed by Borja García, is a simple collection outdoor furniture, built with aluminum profiles and self-supporting fabric, which in its colors sand, bronze and grey brown brings balance and harmony to any space.

TEXTILE, the most casual collection of furniture inspired by fashion and designed by Ana Llobet, shows the techniques used in the world of fashion applied to all the design furniture that compose it, in the new shade of grey brown.

The FLAT outdoor furniture collection designed by Mario Ruiz, can be found in bronze and sand, a classic that over time has become one of the undisputed icons of GANDIABLASCO.

TIPI is the perfect collection to naturally extend any space. An comtemporary Indian store and company icon, designed by its President and Creative Director José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales over 10 years ago. We can see for example, in bronze or sand, but it is also available in all GANDIABLASCO colors that inspires originality and exalts the spirit of outdoor life.

The following are our GANDIABLASCO’s proposals of black colour:

DNA TEAK, is other of the outdoor furniture collections flagship of the brand. Designed by José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, is produced with teak wood combined with an aluminum structure that we can see in black. Brings elegance, sobriety and a very strong identity, being able to change the atmosphere of the place.

Finally, DAYBED, a design of José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, is a design bed, for using outdoors, with simply lines, inspired in the Ibizan architecture, designed exclusively to rest and lie back under the Mediterranean lifestyle and that has become an icon of the brand.

The brown and black tones evoke the colors of nature, sober tones that, applied to the outdoor furniture, accessories and spaces of the brand, convey that timeless elegance that GANDIABLASCO wants to offer to outdoor environments. Those are colors that convey intimacy and warmth, while giving personality and character. The earth tones are mud, they are imperfection and they transmit us memories rooted in nature. They have a huge amount of nuances that allow excellent adaptation and integration of furniture in outdoor spaces. In this way, GANDIABLASCO manages to address of integrating furniture with elegance and naturalness into the space it inhabits.