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Made Studio. The new collection BOSC for GANDIABLASCO coming soon.

BOSC collection coming soon.

Can something as seemingly everyday as lying on a sofa convey to us the essence of the Mediterranean character and the charm of a Menorcan cove?
Made Studio and GANDIABLASCO have joined forces again and this has been their new challenge. BOSC is the new collection of Borja García and Laura Ros, Made Studio’s alma mater, for the Valencian firm.
The series, which will launch in the summer, not only promises the same attention to detail to which its creators are accustomed to us and the excellent manufacturing quality of the brand, but also aims to tell a story based on nature and sensations.

The name of your new collection comes from a Menorcan cove with beautiful turquoise waters and white sand. What does this enclave symbolize for you?

The Mediterranean is freshness, tradition, sand and breeze. It is the flavor of things well done, from gastronomy to architecture, whether yesterday or today. Simple solutions that transmit a mixture of peace, well-being and satisfaction. Bosc is a place in Menorca that sums up the essence of the Mediterranean very well, as does the collection that we have prepared for GANDIABLASCO.

What does Bosc bring to contemporary exteriors from a functionality point of view?

If we understand that BOSC summarizes much of what we understand by the Mediterranean, we could not ignore comfort and adaptability, two characteristic features of the architecture and objects in our area. Both features have been decisive for the development of the collection, with a strong textile component that makes the product comfortable even before sitting down. There are also two seat depths and a modular synthesis exercise that makes it a super versatile system for all kinds of spaces.

At BOSC we predict an inspiration in contemporaneity and architecture but also the abstraction of the traditional manufacturing techniques with wicker fibers. Why do you go for this union of past and present?

The traditional component is always present in our imaginary. Structural weaving techniques using plant fibers such as wicker are part of our culture and we wanted to pay tribute to it through a contemporary abstraction that translates them to aluminum and integrates them into this product in a subtle but present way.

What can you tell us about the textile component of BOSC? This part is of great importance both in its aesthetic and functional aspects.

Indeed, it has been one of the most intense points of study. We wanted to make a comfortable collection, both sitting and in sight. Something light-hearted and that will transfer users a clear focus on easy-living. We like to make architecture and products for people, designed to be used in a calm and relaxed, comfortable and satisfying way.

The structure is discreet and elegant and, at the same time, it acquires great meaning for the details it hides. How has working with aluminum been at Bosc? What do you like most about this fetish material for GANDIABLASCO?

Aluminum is a material that we are passionate about. It can be cold and hieratic and at other times warm and close. This has been its application in BOSC, it is its structure but it is also the support to show its most traditional feature, the entire lateral and rear envelope of the product.

BOSC seems to have gone from inside to outside, providing a high level of comfort and warmth that is often not prioritized in outdoor furniture. How do you interpret that flow between interior and exterior in the contemporary lifestyle?

The exterior is no longer a watertight environment, this is over. The interior has opened doors and blurred the line between outside and inside. But although it may seem somewhat recent, conceptually it has always been so, especially in the Mediterranean where most of the year you can enjoy the outdoors thanks to our climate . The big difference is that now we have technologies and fabrics of a high quality and resistance that are capable of giving us creative freedom so that we project the exterior with the same parameters as the interior.

Modularity, spaciousness, sobriety … would these be the words with which we could aesthetically summarize Bosc or how would you like his personality to be perceived with the naked eye?

For us it is a combination of tradition, comfort and modernity. Of course it is modular and sober, but we would like that whoever uses it perceives something of our Mediterranean cultural imaginary. Something from Menorca, something from BOSC.

About Made Studio:

Made Studio was founded in Valencia in 2017 by the architects Borja García and Laura Ros. Focused on the development of architecture, commercial interior design and product design projects, the studio combines professionals from industrial design and architecture who join forces to offer panoramic vision on projects. The result is a long and contrasted experience with numerous national and international awards, such as the Red Dot Design Awards, the Delta Awards or the ADCV Awards, as well as a prolific activity in exhibitions and publications around the world. Made Studio expresses our passion for product design and architecture through work done with extreme care from concept to detail.