Behind the scenes with Luca Nichetto

New collection for GANDIABLASCO coming soon

With a prominent role in the international industrial design scene and moving between his native Italy and Stockholm, where he resides, Luca Nichetto has a particular vision of his craft. Curious and with a strong interest in processes, both industrial and artisanal, he is at a particularly prolific moment, both in partnerships with major brands and in recognitions.

His first collaboration with GANDIABLASCO, which will be released in the coming months, is a series of elements that skillfully combine form and function and reinterpret, with a contemporary approach, our essence. Sober and minimalist lines challenge the limits between exterior and interior and draw the elegant aluminum structures of the different pieces in the outdoor collection, which can be combined and generate infinite configurations. There is one detail that is obvious: the cross legs bear a great resemblance to those of classic office seats.

Where does your inspiration come from?

It can come from very different things: from a book, a movie, or even people watching on the street and seeing how they behave. Inspiration is everywhere for me; all things around us have a unique value.

How do Italian and Scandinavian design combine in your work?

Working in the Scandinavian countries I learned and became imbued with a reality that has influenced my work. While in Italian design beauty seeks to be unique, iconic, Scandinavian design focuses much more on functionality, inhabiting the environment differently. So, when I work on any project, I try to consider and mix these two points of view and give my best.

How important do you think exterior spaces have become?

The borders between interior and exterior are much more blurred than in the past, and we wanted to create something closely linked to new lifestyles, that could work in a villa but also in a hotel, and even in a space like Soho House from New York. So, really, the motivation was to create a concept that could work in different situations and in all kinds of exteriors, spaces that today acquire special relevance.

How did the opportunity arise to develop a collaboration with GANDIABLASCO?

Last year I met Sergio Pastor Francés, CEO of GANDIABLASCO, who spoke to me about the possibility of collaborating on a new collection and I accepted the opportunity he gave me.

What inspires you about this Valencian brand?

I have always admired the work and the aesthetic language that characterize you. So when the opportunity to work with them presented itself, I knew it would be a good and interesting opportunity for me.

What can you tell us about the collection designed for us?

My inspiration was to connect the idea of making a modular sofa and allow it to develop flexibly. The main idea came from looking at how the outdoor furniture market is changing and how people use outdoor furniture, while trying to understand GANDIABLASCO’s core ideas and the work being done at the company. It is a collection that, in addition to being designed for outdoors, fits easily with interior decoration.

In your creations a great sensitivity is perceived, as well as the will to generate emotions and communicate ideas. What do you want to provoke in the user with this collection?

Strong empathy with the product I design, as it is the most beautiful emotion for me.

What color palette have you used to reflect your style in this collection?

The tones that I have chosen for my work are related to the range of colors that GANDIABLASCO has used in its latest collections. We want to create something warm and sophisticated but that also easily connects with the end consumer.

How do you generally feel about how the collection evolves?

I am very happy with the first stage of prototyping and very much enjoying working with you, especially for the high quality in its industrial production processes. As a designer, I’m a bit old school. I like that in this collection you can perceive characteristics of both GANDIABLASCO’s identity and mine: this makes the result special. We are going in the right direction and I am very grateful to you for making it happen.

Luca Nichetto
He was born in 1976 in Venice. He studied at the city’s Istituto statale d’arte, before undertaking a degree in industrial design at the Università Iuav di Venezia, from which he graduated in 1998.
In 1999, Nichetto began his professional career with Murano-based glass maker Salviati, later becoming a product designer and consultant for lighting company Foscarini. In 2006, he founded his eponymous practice in Venice. In 2011 he moved to Stockholm, Sweden, to open a second studio and he continues to live in and work from this city.

Over the course of his career, Nichetto has served as art director for many international design brands and he has developed an in-depth knowledge of the design industry. He has lectured and led workshops at various universities, including serving as a professor of design at the Università Iuav di Venezia, as well as sitting on juries for assorted international design competitions.

Nichetto’s work has been exhibited worldwide and has been the subject of retrospectives in cities such as Venice, London, Paris and Stockholm. He has been awarded numerous international design awards for his highly researched, innovative design projects, which range across products, furniture and accessories, as well as incorporating architecture and exhibition design.