ANISH KAPOOR. Between spectacle and history.

Anish Kapoor. Portrait Anish Kapoor. Portrait

We take the opportunity, remembering the last GAN presence in Maison&Objet Paris,the textile Brand of GANDIABLASCO, during Paris Design Week…

In the photo BANDAS space and MANGAS space collections design of Patricia Urquiola; CÁNEVAS space and SILAÏ space design of Charlotte Lancelot.


… to recommend you a special intervention at Chateau Versailles by the sensual artist Anish Kapoor, time and space sculptor, one of our favorites.

A methaporical travel through his site-specific installations along the french gardens conceived in the 17th century by landscape designer Andrè Le Nôtre, that reminds the eternity and decadence, monarchy and revolution of Versailles, playing with the symbolic vocabulary of the Versailles palace gardens: energy of flowing water, the power of the Sun King, the reflections of mirrors…

From Luis XIII to the extreme of the Sun King Luis XVI and the baroque appetite of Maria Antonieta, Versailles gardens were turned into a symbolic show of their wealth: 800 hectares, 20 km of roads, 200 000 trees, 35 km of canalizations, 11 hectares of roof, 2 153 windows and 67 stairs.

Kapoor breakes the clasicism and “rationalism baroque” of Versailles by mirroring, evoking, alluding to, reverting and emphasizing it through 6 site-specific sculptures, as the artist says: “will bring a more political perspective on power and its depiction at Versailles as it celebrates the tercentenary of Louis XIV’s death.”

Anish Kapoor, “Descension”2014, Kapoor Studio

“An endless whirlpool has been spiraling like an angry vortex in the floor of the Le Notrê garden remains the Versailles sources” — en Château de Versailles.

anish kapoor.

Anish Kapoor, “C-Curve”, 2007. Kapoor Studio

A “mirror painting” disturbs the simetry of the Palace façade. “Le Nôtre, who I think is one of the main French artists, is extremely controlling,” Mr. Kapoor says. “Almost every little part is designed to an abstract perfection, where nature itself is almost not nature. I’m interested in turning all that upside down. The whole show in a way is about reversal.” — en Château de Versailles.

Anish Kapoor, “Dirty corner” 2011-2015 Kapoor Studio

The show’s most provocative sculpture, is suggestive of “the vagina of the queen reclaiming the domain”, a massive steel funnel with limbs of broken stone that perverts these immaculate gardens. — en Château de Versailles.


A mirror sculpture inverts the sky they reflect, a non-object very bodily very physical, disfaces and topsy-turvy the Palace.

A cube-shaped site-specific sculpture plays at Versailles gardens like wormholes.

“My work has two sides,” Mr. Kapoor said. “One is things that are very carefully made — very precise, pure — and one is much more scatological, abject, problematic; and it’s that side of the work that’s coming to Versailles.

Anish Kapoor, “Sooting into the corner”, 2008-2009 Kapoor studio

Kapoor shot red wax through a canon into a phallic corner along this sculpture installed in the Royal Tennis Courts. Kapoor’s work confronts France’s most beautiful, yet Monarchical-emblematic space with the bloody flip-side of the same history.”— en Château de Versailles.

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