14th International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest

14th International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest.

GANDIABLASCO reconvenes the International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest to give an opportunity to the future talents of the sector; through a challenge that is renewed year after year. This time, the participants will have to design an outdoor lamp taking into account criteria such as creativity and innovation, the functionality of the design and its capacity for integration in an outdoor space.
It will also be taken into account that the basic requirements of the work will be as following: the proposals must be unpublished, and therefore must have not been submitted to any other competitions or previously published, and that only 100% recyclable plastic materials are used.

The jury of the competition is made up of professionals relevant to the world of culture and the furniture industry.
This time, José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales, the President and Creative Director of Gandia Blasco S.A.; Javier Molins, art critic and exhibition curator; Marcelo Ghio, Strategy, Content and Editorial Director of Experimenta magazine; and Helena Rohner, jewellery designer at the Helena Rohner studio, will all be judging and evaluating the projects.

The competition is open to the new generation of students and young design professionals, between the ages of 18 and 35 years. The participants may submit their projects either individually or collectively within a period beginning on the 8th of November 2019 until the 16th of April 2020. Of the pieces presented, there will be two monetary prizes of 2,000€ and 1,000€ awarded for first and second prize and an honourable mention from GANDIABLASCO will be received.

Do you meet the requirements? We encourage you to participate!

Look up the competition rules and register via: www.gandiablasco.com/concursodiseno